Rooting for Tebow

“Making supplication for all the saints.” (Ephesians 6:18 ESV)

The Minnesota Vikings play the Denver Broncos this Sunday. As a Vikings fan, I will root for the Purple even though they are nearing the end of a miserable season. Though the Vikes are 2 – 9, I hope they can pull out a victory against the Broncos.

But there is a player on the Broncos that I am rooting for in a different way. The Broncos quarterback is Tim Tebow. Since he became the starting QB, Tebow has led his team to five wins in six games. The way he plays is unconventional: he is an inconsistent and inaccurate passer but a bruising and effective runner. He wills his team to victory with heart, leadership, and hard work. His spirit is infectious.

Tebow has his critics. They don’t like the way he plays quarterback. They think he lacks skills. They say he can’t play this way and win for the long term. But with each win he gains respect.

Yet this is not the main reason why I am rooting for Tim Tebow. It’s fun to watch him play and succeed despite conventional thinking. But whether he wins or not, I am still rooting for Tim Tebow. Whether he has a successful or short career as a quarterback, I am still rooting for Tim Tebow.

Why? Because Tim Tebow is a fellow believer in Jesus Christ. He is open about his faith. He has backed up his talk with his walk. But, like any other Christian, he is a sinner and susceptible to temptation.

So I am rooting for Tim Tebow to be a faithful servant of His Savior. I am praying that his faith will not fail and his testimony will remain strong. There are many detractors that want Tebow to fail morally. They are annoyed by his “God talk” and would love to expose him as a hypocrite.

That’s why we should make “supplication” for this follower of Christ, and not just for Tebow, but for all fellow believers who desire to stand firm for Christ in the midst of a world that wants to see their faith fail. Scripture tells us to pray for and encourage one another (Heb. 3:12-14) so that we remain faithful to Christ until the end.

Tebow may fail in football. But let us pray that he does not fail in his faith. And let us pray for each other, that we will stand true to Christ.

So this Vikings fan will be rooting for the opposing quarterback this Sunday. Whether or not he plays well, I will be rooting for him to live his faith well.

That’s how we Christians should root for each other – that we live our faith well. And not just on Sundays.

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