The Doctrines of Grace, Including Election, are Your Life

Even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1:4 ESV

The doctrine of election is a glorious truth for Christians. God chose you, before creation, to be His child through salvation in Christ. Charles Spurgeon spoke of how this doctrine filled him with joy. He noted how, when life is easy, “chaffy” (worthless) modern theology seems fine. But when life is hard, we need election and the doctrines of free grace to steady our souls. May all the elect in Christ share the joy of Spurgeon in his following words:

Personally, I have overflowing joy in the doctrines of eternal, unchanging love. It is bliss to know that the Lord has chosen me. When I am down very low in spirit, I crave for those old books which, like the Lord Jesus, are full of grace and truth. You who are at ease in Zion can do with the chaffy modern theology; but when your heart is heavy, and especially when your conscience is under a sense of sin, you will want these two dishes on the table—free grace and dying love, and you cannot do without them. We must have an atoning sacrifice, and free grace to make us partakers thereof. I cannot give up the doctrines of grace, for they are my life. I do not so much hold them as they hold me. The five fingers of the great doctrines of grace have enclosed my heart. I can die; but I cannot deny the imperishable truth. The doctrine of the eternal choice gives forth joy as myrrh and cassia give forth perfume. May you all know it! (

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